I'm an LA transplant with a UCLA Psychology B.A., who moved to Chicago just after my wedding.  I started out as an urbex photographer, and have been shooting for the last four years primarily in events, lifestyle, and food. Most of my event photography has been through civic and nonprofit gatherings, and many events under my belt have granted me the astonishing ability of a musca qui est super murumThough I can't stick to walls, I'm small and stealthy, shoot quietly, and will probably wear green. I love the challenge of photographing events, they're like shooting with film. Film has limited shots, while events have limited time, requiring you to be vigilant for a story made of instant decisions for fleeting moments. It's a rush of endorphins and satisfaction when capturing the constant flux of human interaction. I hope you enjoy what you see here; I'm still learning, I'm still growing. Please give me a "Hello, how're you doing?" if you don't mind (contact info at top right icons).